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Welcome to Apace International Consultancy -  your ultimate destination for all your overseas study and tourism aspirations. We are a team of experienced professionals driven by the passion to fulfill your dreams of studying and working abroad. At Apace International, we bring your aspirations and dreams to reality. 


We are one of the fastest growing education consultancy

We are one of the fastest-growing education consultancy

We value our customers who are the foundation for the success of Apace International. We are committed to creating a team of top-notch professionals with international education and work experience - who bring the highest expertise and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Despite operating in Nepal, India, Canada, Australia, and European countries, Apace is close to the local knowledge and experience. Our team comprises experts in their respective fields, respected within their communities. We take immense pride in our diverse cultures and shared values, fostering an environment of creativity, innovation, and effective problem-solving.

We're not just advisors; we've walked the same path you're leading. Our team has firsthand experience with international studies, so we understand the challenges you face. Having assisted numerous students like yourself, we're attuned to your needs, concerns, and aspirations.

Our team of highly qualified professionals will guide you through every stage of your journey. From identifying your goals to suggesting suitable courses and institutions with promising career prospects, we stand by your side, ensuring you make informed decisions for a brighter future.

At APACE, we're not just consultants – we're your partners in success. Trust us to make your dreams a reality.

We will guide in your every step

As your education partner, we can take care of everything from advising you on course selection and applications, to helping you secure the correct visa and anything else you need (like health cover for instance).

We’ve developed strong working relationships with many of our university partners, and can even offer scholarships to deserving students to help offset some of the costs of studying overseas.

Choosing apace international means you can completely focus on your carrier goal and study where we take care of all your paperwork

Message from the CEO

At Apace - we are not just a company, we are advocates for empowering the next generation. We support youth to realize their full potential - fostering knowledge, advancing skills, and paving their way towards leadership.

We are committed to ensuring that you will thrive in your career. We believe that our success is driven by the dedication of our team. Our environments are designed to facilitate growth, propelling our teams towards embracing change and constantly acquiring new skills.

At the heart of APACE lies a progressive spirit, combined with unwavering ethics that form the foundation of our remarkable success. As we gaze into the future, exciting and challenging opportunities await, reinforcing our position as leaders in our markets.

Be a part of our journey today and enjoy the unparalleled platform to enhance your abilities leading towards a fulfilling career. Together, as we elevate ourselves, we also contribute to enriching communities across the globe

Thank you! 



Where are we Globally ?

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