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Namaskar! Thanking you for giving me a chance to Serve you and your's family members in Abroad Study / Tourism. Apace "Guideline of yours's career plan". As Service Companies, our people are the most important asset & it is their contribution that drives the ongoing success of APACE.

We are fast growing education consultancy

As Service Companies, our people are the most important asset & it is their contribution that drives the ongoing success of APACE. we are committed to attracting the best people in the world, exceptional people that bring the highest level of expertise and outperform our client's expectations.

Although APACE operates across Nepal, India, Canada, Australia and European countries. It is the local knowledge and experience that really counts. Our people are experts in their fields respected in their communities. We are proud of our cultures and values. we establish a platform for creativity, innovation and problem-solving.

We’ve got first-hand experience in an international study (so we know what you’re going through) and have helped hundreds of students like you

Our fully qualified team will be here to guide you through every step of the way from identifying your goals to recommending and applying for a course and institute with the best career outcomes for you

We will guide in your every step

As your education partner, we can take care of everything from advising you on course selection and applications, to helping you secure the correct visa and anything else you need (like health cover for instance).

We’ve developed strong working relationships with many of our university partners, and can even offer scholarships to deserving students to help offset some of the costs of studying overseas.

Choosing apace international means you can completely focus on your carrier goal and study where we take care of all your paperwork

Message from the CEO

At APACE we actively encourage and support the young generation to reach their full potential, including knowledge and skills, increasing the number of younger leadership roles & improving the gender mix at management levels.

APACE aims to make our people feel supported in their careers. We are a company that's places and our people are the key to getting us there. Our teams are encouraged to embrace change and continually gain new skills.

We are progressive, ethical and highly successful, the years to come will provide opportunities that will be even more exciting and challenging as we continue to be a leader in our current markets

So why not join us? We can provide you with unparalleled opportunities to enhance your capabilities and build your career while together, we enhance communities around the world.
Thanking You!!!

Where are we Globally ?

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