Macquire University

A verdant university - Macquarie University has excellent interdisciplinary research with exquisite environment and infrastructure.

Macquire University

A verdant university - Macquarie University has excellent interdisciplinary research with exquisite environment and infrastructure. 

Macquarie University

Renowned for its excellent interdisciplinary research and world-class facilities, Macquarie University is ranked among the top 200 universities worldwide. Located in the happening city of Sydney, Macquarie offers over 200 programs spanning multiple disciplines. These programs include a one-year master’s degree and a variety of double degrees. 

The University is one of the verdant universities because of its greenery in the bustling cityscape. It is the only Australian University with an on-campus private hospital and metro station. 

At Macquarie, innovation thrives through dynamic industry partnerships and pioneering research. Many of its degree programs are the result of collaboration with industry partners ensuring the practicality and relevancy of the curriculum. Macquarie also holds the top position in Australia for Graduate Employment Rate as well. 

Departments and Study Options

Macquarie University offers an extensive range of more than 200 degrees and programs across various fields. Some of the major subject areas include:

  • Arts & Social Sciences
  • Business
  • Engineering
  • Humanities
  • Media and Communications
  • Medicine and health sciences

Macquarie offers single and double Undergraduate degrees allowing students to major in one or two subjects within their area. As for the postgraduate level, Macquarie offers a wide range of one-year master's degrees allowing students to advance their knowledge and career prospects. It also offers executive training, study abroad programs, double masters, Master of Research, and PhDs as well. 


Macquarie University offers generous scholarship opportunities to international students from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. The value of these scholarships varies based on factors such as the student's country of origin, academic merit, field of study, and sporting achievements.

Scholarships are available for Pathways & English language study, Undergraduate level, and Postgraduate level depending upon your field and specialization. Some of the scholarships include:

  • Country-specific Scholarship
  • Government and Partner Scholarships
  • Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarships

For comprehensive details about available scholarships, you can refer to the official website of Macquarie University. Additionally, our team at Apace International is readily available to assist you with inquiries about Macquarie University, its programs, scholarships, and any other essential information you may need. Join us in exploring the boundless possibilities awaiting you at Macquarie University.



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