The University of Queensland, Brisbane

The University of Queensland (UQ) is one of Australia’s leading research and teaching institutions. We strive for excellence through the creation, preservation, transfer and application of knowledge. For more than a century, we

The University of Queensland, Brisbane


The University of Queensland

If you are aspiring to for a research-intensive course or program, then the University of Queensland is the one! 

The University of Queensland, one of the six sandstone universities, lies in Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland state. University of Queensland (UQ) is a founding member of the Group of Eight Universities and edX. 

UQ ranks consistently among the top universities worldwide with its excellence in teaching, abundant resources, and groundbreaking research. It has earned a spot as 36th Best Best Global University Rankings 2023, according to US News, and is ranked 50th in the QS World University Rankings 2023.

Students at UQ are treated to an exceptional campus experience. They enjoy a relaxed and secure lifestyle, bask in a subtropical climate, and immerse themselves in a vibrant culture. UQ goes the extra mile by hosting annual employment workshops and networking events that connect students with the university's esteemed alumni and professional partners, providing a strong start to their careers.

The University has a global reputation for producing graduates with successful careers and leaders. 


The University of Queensland homes six faculties and 8 research institutes along with other educational sites across Queensland. The UQ’s research has a global impact, involving over 2,500 scientists, social scientists, and engineers.

Let’s have a look at the faculties taught at UQ:

Humanities and Social Sciences

Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology


Business, Economics and Law


Health and Behavioral Sciences

Each faculty has a diverse array of related courses, allowing students to explore their interests.  For a comprehensive overview of the departments and programs available at the University of Queensland, peruse the university's website.

Scholarships and Fundings

The University of Queensland provides scholarship opportunities to high-achieving students at all levels - Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels through UQ faculties, private sector organizations, industry partners, or schools. 

Special scholarships and grants are designed for honors students, some of which cover the costs of international conference travel as well. To explore these financial aids in detail, visit the University of Queensland's website. 

At Apace International, we're your gateway to discovering more about the University of Queensland, its extensive programs, available scholarships, and essential information to help you embark on your educational journey. Join us in exploring the endless possibilities that await you at UQ.


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