University of South Australia

University of South Australia (UniSA), located in Adelaide, is a renowned public research university. It is ranked 29th in the world’s top 50 under-50 universities.

University of South Australia

University of South Australia (UniSA) is a renowned public research university in the heart of South Australia. The University is located in Adelaide, one of the most liveable cities in Australia, with two city center campuses, two metropolitan campuses, and two regional campuses. 

UniSA offers a diverse array of degrees and programs to both local and international students. Its commitment to excellence is evident, with a ranking of 29th in the world’s top 50 under 50 universities. QS rankings have also recognized UniSA as one of Australia’s most internationally diverse universities for academic teaching staff. 

Despite its youthful existence, UniSA has earned a good reputation as a first-class university in research. Amongst the numerous reasons to choose UniSA, the education system and teaching quality is primary. At UniSA, education aligns seamlessly with industry trends and demands, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for the professional world. 

UniSA students benefit from a world-class learning environment equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and modern facilities.


Departments and Programs

UniSA offers a wide spectrum of degrees and programs with well-equipped resources to meet the evolving needs of society and industry. Explore some of the major departments at UniSA.

  • UniSA Allied Health and Human Performance
  • UniSA Business
  • UniSA Clinical & Health Sciences
  • UniSA Creative
  • UniSA Education Futures
  • UniSA Justice and Society
  • UniSA STEM

Each department has several related courses, providing students with a wide options to align their education with their passions and career goals. To delve deeper into the departments and programs UniSA offers, visit the university's website for comprehensive details. 

Scholarships and Fundings

UniSA believes in empowering its students through financial support, with more than 2,500 students benefiting from scholarships and grants annually. Notable scholarships include:

  • Vice Chancellor’s International Excellence Scholarship
  • International Merit Scholarship
  • Australian Awards Scholarship

At Apace International, we are dedicated to providing you with in-depth information about UniSA, its programs, available scholarships, and all the essential details you need to embark on your educational journey. Join us in exploring the boundless opportunities that await you at the University of South Australia.



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